Shasha Dothan

We are very pleased to announce that Shasha Dothan was awarded the Israeli Ministry of Culture Prize for a Young Artist 2018. 

אני שמחה וגאה לבשר שזכיתי בפרס אמן צעיר של משרד התרבות והספורט לשנת 2018. תודה לשופטות ולשופטים שבחרו בי. אני מקווה שבשנת 2019 אמשיך ליצור אמנות שמעלה שאלות מאתגרות ומייצרת דיונים .

Los Angeles-based video and installation artist Shasha Dothan’s (b. 1987 Tel-Aviv) works were exhibited nationally and internationally including The Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art, Petach Tikva Museum of art, Blum & Poe Gallery, Human Resources gallery, 6/67 Gallery,  American Jewish University , Jerusalem cultural season, Driveway 327, Fresh paint 7 Art Fair.

Dothan earned an M.F.A. at the University of California Los Angeles, New Genres area (2018) and a B.F.A at Shenkar College, Multidisciplinary Art Department (2013). She was a Hamburg University of Applied Sciences exchanges student in Hamburg, Germany.

Shasha Dothan has won many awards and scholarships over the past few years.  Most recently, Dothan received the John Baldessari Family Foundation Scholarship for (2017-18). Dothan teaches and curates art exhibitions one of which was I AM ERICA in 2017. Shasha is a founding member of the art collective Anti Mehikon.

Shasha's practice is an ongoing debate about the conflicts and wars which Were the backdrop and soundtrack of her childhood and adolescence. Her art is based on the Idea of taking over space and totally transforming it into paintings, drawings and video art through a continuous discourse with visitors. She brings her thoughts as a young Israeli woman/artist, her fears and hopes and translates it all into art. The main themes of her artwork are stretched on the spectrum of Israeli identity between being a victim and a conqueror. Between the free spirit of Tel Aviv and the reality of wars, missiles, and suicide attacks. After almost 2 years in the USA Shasha's art is evolving, revealing new facets of her thought and personality as she begins asking questions about the meaning of the word home, redefining identity from a distance.

Shasha Dothan CV