Camille Hoffman

Gallery 6/67 is proud to share that Camille is having her first solo exhibition in New York and was selected to participate in the Queens Museum Biennial.

SOLO SHOW: Rockabye My Bedrock Bones

Opening Reception Friday, September 21

False Flag 11-22 44th Rd. Long Island City, NY

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Queens International biennial - October 2018

Established in 2002, the Queens International highlights the contemporary cultural production of communities in the borough. Organized by Sophia Marisa Lucas, assistant curator at the Queens Museum, and the New York–based performance artist Baseera Khan, this year’s edition will explore systems of knowledge production in the digital and analog realms. Taking inspiration from the historical emergence of the public library and its ability to confront cultural changes brought about by the internet, “Volumes” will focus on the role of artists as “professional non-specialists” who are able to encapsulate our everyday virtual lives.

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